Color matters

Regardless of whether you are an entrepreneur and by reading this article you are looking for inspiration to create a visual identity for your company, whether you are designing websites or advertising materials, you can not ignore the role played by the color of the product.

Color perception is a topic whose roots go back to psychology. However how exactly colours are perceived in the in the ad?


Black in marketing is synonymous with luxury. Associated with elegant, chic, style will go well in presenting luxury goods like watches, cars, premium brands.


The most eye-catching color. On one hand associated with warning, on the other with passion and love. This color is great for promotional campaigns.


Energetic and vivid color symbolizing vitality, activity, movement. It encourages quick decision-making in marketing activities.


The color of joy, optimism, relaxation. It represents brands centered around free time, travel and food well. Yellow warns, its excess can cause nervousness and irritability.


The color of security and trust. Associated with calmness, spirituality, peace, wisdom and truth. It suppresses your appetite. It works well in big companies, innovative industries or related to water and air.


It’s the color of nature. Associated with ecology, in marketing can emphasize the natural origin of the product, or safety in its use.


Of course, the reception depends directly on the recipients. We can divide them into several categories.

Gender: when the target of a product is only one group: men or women, you can decide on a more precise interpretation of the color perception:


Age: Preferences here not only depend on generational differences, but are also associated with progressive deterioration of vision. Generally, older people prefer subdued, calm colors, while young people prefer vivid, more intense ones.

Origin: Cultural differences can significantly affect the perception of colors, it is worth remembering when targeting a specific market. White color, for example in Western culture is associated with innocence and purity, in India, China or Japan it is the most unlucky color. In Arab countries, the purple color comes to mind prostitution, while green on the American market is the color of property.

The selection of the right colors is of great importance in marketing, because 80% of the stimuli reaching the consumer are the visual ones.