The most important first step – Naming

Before you get on with broadly understood topic of corporate brand identity you need to create a name for the company.This is an obvious but not entirely simple task. How to start and what to focus on so that the company attracts customers?


Accurate name. Unique name.

The name of the company should suggest the subject of the business, be associated with the scope of work performed. However it cannot be misleading as to the substance of its operation.It would be good if it reached the target audience and thus potential customers.

The uniqueness of the created name directly translates into brand recognition. This is also regulated by legal provisions according to which it is prohibited to use a designation that is already in use on the same market.

Name – existing word.

Think about if the offer is addressed to compatriots or  you are looking for recipients in the global market. This will allow you to determine if you create the name in your native language.If you choose the global option, you should consider consulting a specialist in the field of the selected language. Sometimes although the official translation does not suggest anything disturbing, it is unprofessional or even offensive in colloquial language.

When you decide where your potential customers are, think about who they are and what do they want from a company like yours. You describe a universal product using different epithets than a luxury one. People prefers words that reflect their personality.

Name – do it yourself

Regardless of your company’s reach, you can choose to create a name without using existing words. In this case, a good solution is pick something short, which sounds like it will suit  to the nature of your business.

Focusing on word formation, you can use the available portals:

Finally: trust your intuition and let’s start!