How we work?

Clearly defined terms for both sides.
The basis of successful cooperation.

The terms of our cooperation are clear from the very beginning.

The delivery process which we have designed is based on two models of cooperation - Fixed Price and Time & Materials.

Fixed Price is the model where we estimate the complete cost of the project and draft a schedule before we begin our work. This way you know the exact cost at the very beginning and you know how much time it will take to complete the project.

After the basic scope of work is complete we continue further cooperation in the Time&Materials mode. At this stage, you bear the cost of further development of your project based on the number of hours required for the work to be performed.

Once we learn about your further requirements we estimate the number of hours required to complete the work and after it is done we settle on the basis of a report listing all the time used.

Fixed Price

Delivery of the basic scope of work:
  • Fixed cost of the project known from the start
  • Exact schedule of work
  • Documentation defining the full detailed scope of work to be performed

Time & Materials

Further development of your project:
  • Settlement based on the report of hours used
  • Flexible scope of work
  • Unlimited number of corrections and changes

The delivery process

Preparation for the project
Analysis of the project
based on your brief
Preparation of the cost
estimate and the schedule
Signing of the
Fixed Price
the project is completed
in the basic scope
Finalisation of the basic assumptions
Presentation, analysis
and acceptance of the project
Settlement of the
assumed budget
Time & Materials
Development of
additional ideas
Finalization of the additional ideas:
analysis and acceptance
of the project
Settlement of the hours
worked on the basis
of the report